What To Wear On A Mediterranean Cruise

A Mediterranean cruise is meant to be relaxing, an escape from the pressures and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, the preparation, the packing, and more specifically deciding what to wear on a Mediterranean cruise can be very stressful leading up to your dream vacation. Of course you have the option of packing your entire wardrobe, but airlines have expensive fees for overweight luggage or additional bags, not to mention the annoyance of hauling all those bags everywhere you go. This guide will help you narrow down your choices and keep your luggage manageable without hiring an army of porters to tote it around for you.

Climate should be a primary consideration in deciding what clothes to pack for a cruise. Since you are sailing the Mediterranean, presumably during the summer months, warm humid weather is almost assured. This means light clothing that breathes well, bathing suits, t-shirts, and sandals. Women should remember to bring a sarong or some other form of covering garment as bathing suits only are not acceptable attire in lounges on most cruise ships. A pair of sunglasses and a hat are also a must if you plan to spend much time on deck (and why wouldn’t you?) to protect your head from the strong Mediterranean sun. Bring a single warm outfit in the event you hit some inclement weather.

Your second consideration should be what kinds of activities the cruise offers (on and off the ship), and which you will partake in. If you are planning a Rome shore excursion, for instance, you might want to bring some good walking shoes.

You’ll want to bring some semi-casual clothes for lunches for your day trips on shore, and for attending the live entertainment back on the ship. Cotton dockers and polo shirts for men, skirts and blouses for women. Nothing too constrictive, think stylish yet comfortable.

Finally, you will need to bring some formal wear. Most luxury cruises have at least a couple of formal dinners during your voyage. Bringing adark suit with a tie or a tuxedo for the men, and an evening dress for the women will ensure you do not miss out on the exquisite formal fine dining.

Try to choose clothes that are wrinkle resistant, and in order to save space try to coordinate your clothing. Bring outfits that are easily mixed and matched, so you can can reuse clothing without ever looking like you’re wearing the same outfit twice. Accessories like jewelry or scarves can also drastically alter the appearance of an outfit, are lightweight and don’t take up much space. Also, don’t forget that your cruise ship will offer laundry service, so take advantage of that option if you are running low on outfits.

By following these tips on what to wear on a Mediterranean cruise you should be prepared for all situations, and you can enjoy your European cruise vacation the way you were meant to: stress free.

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